Amber is an Excellent Massage Therapist, and more !! When I mentioned my shin splint problem in passing, she gave me a free sample of Kinesiology Tape. I was skeptical, but I tried it. I am now walking 4-6 miles per day with No Shin Splint Problems, and I have lost thirty(30) pounds!!

Amber Rules !



I have been a client of Amber's since 2006. She has helped me with numerous problems over the years, the most painful and severe being TMJ and Sciatica. In combination with Amber's knowledge, skill, experience and dedication of Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage I am free of the pain that was once a constant in my life. 


As a Naturopath, Amber has helped me resolve sinus and digestive issues. Her knowledge of homeopathic remedies has helped me resolve these issues with safe and natural remedies.


Amber's fees for her sessions are very affordable which gives me the opportunity to see her on a regular basis. This has helped me when I needed to be seen often to work on severe problems and also helps me now to see her with maintenance sessions as to not have reoccurring problems. 


Throughout these years I have been amazed by and grateful for Amber's knowledge and experience of such a wide range of modalities, for her dedication to her profession and for her true concern for my well-being. I am truly living a better life because of her.




I've been having great success keeping my severe migraines under control thanks to Amber at A New Leaf Wellness Center. I am allergic to the current assortment of medications physicians are able to prescribe for migraines, and the over the counter medications are not enough. For the past year she has been working with me with various methods and has successfully helped me to manage them. I rarely miss work for headaches anymore. Thanks Am!


"I met Amber through a chiropractor's office several years ago and was so impressed that I followed her when she opened her own practice.  A New Leaf Wellness Center is testament to her level of caring and ability that I will happily recommend to friends and family for years to come."



Massage therapy is good for your emotional well-being and your physical health. I have been a regular customer at A New Leaf Wellness Center for several years. I would highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Amber to receive a professional and personally tailored massage in a friendly and relaxing environment.




Since going to A New Leaf Wellness Center I have been helped through massage. It helps my neck muscles relax therefore causing much needed relief for the tightness I have experienced for so long. After my massage I feel wonderfully relaxed!



My name is Michelle. My husband and I have been going to Amber for several years. I highly recommend Amber for her very relaxing massages. I feel very comfortable when I visit Amber she makes you feel right at home. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing. I always look forward to my next visit.