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Alternative Services

Alternative Health services to Improve your Mind, Body & Soul.

Holistic Medicine

All follow up appointments are 

$50 per 30 minutes

$90 per 50 minutes

Visit our Holistic Medicine Practitioner to formulate a personal plan for better health naturally. Learn about the restorative powers of herbs, supplements, and personalized formulas to address your wellness concerns.




Is the study of patterns, colors, and fibers in the Iris to help determine the systematic health of an individual. This technique is done by using a high powered magnified lens and a small light. During the session the individual simply relaxes as the technician examines the Iris of the eye.
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Service Policy

All Prices and Services Vary Upon the Individual Practitioner you Schedule with.

When scheduling an appointment I understand my Practitioners time is valuable. I understand that canceling my appointment within 24 hr of my scheduled time may result in an outstanding balance; valued at the same price as the scheduled session.