A New Leaf Wellness Center


This June and July, on Tuesdays, come in with a friend for a One-Hour Salt Room session for a total of $50!

Summer is a great time to hit the beach and breathe in the salty air!  But if you can't make it to the beach soon, grab a friend and experience the benefits of our Salt Room!  In this relaxing atmosphere, we have 2 zero-gravity chairs, headphones and blankets in a room filled with salt lamps and a salt aerosolizer.

If you have allergies, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, lung conditions, or skin conditions, this Salt Room is for you!

Our Salt Room provides Halotherapy which consists of powder-fine pharmaceutical-grade salt being actively aerosolized into our tranquil room. The microscopic salt particles can enter both the respiratory tract and the skin pores, allowing the body to utilize the product as needed, to thin mucus and boost skin hydration.

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Note: This Special is only available on Tuesdays in June and July, 2024. The total cost for the one-hour session is $50 (plus tax) for either one or two people, so you might as well bring a friend or family member.