A New Leaf Wellness Center


Happy Valentine's Day - All Month Long!


During the month of February, we are celebrating Valentine's Day with a special offer for you and your special someone!

Get 2 Infrared sessions for the price of 1 when you schedule your appointments for the same date/time. That's two 35-minute sessions for just $40!  

Choose from the following types of sessions:

Targeted Infrared

A non-invasive therapy utilizing near-infrared and far-infrared light. Both spectrums have been shown to help alleviate inflammatory pain, enhance metabolism and cellular function, decrease high blood pressure, and allow a system-wide body detox. Options include a full-length Infrared mat on zero-gravity chair, or smaller mats on a cushioned table.

Infrared Acupressure

The Infrared Acupressure table combines infrared heat and acupressure to gently stretch and flex your spine using warm Jade rollers, all while relaxing muscles and detoxifying the body.


To set up an appointment or for more information:

Note:  Appointments for this special may not be scheduled online, please contact us.